Vintage German Glass Beads


The beads are Vintage Glass composed of 24K gold plated over platinum. This beads were only made from the 1920s - 1960s in West Germany in the Sudetenland region of Bohemia. The makers glasswork is beautiful but even more so when the makers of these beads invented a method of plating 24K gold to glass. This innovative design was a break through the modernism of Pop Art. Unfortunately, the makers factories were sadly destroyed during WWII. These beads are no longer in production thus making them rare and highly collectible.

Each of these beads are handcrafted and no two beads are exactly alike. They were crafted using a glass press, which inevitably left a seam, an indication that a bead is vintage. This was done by first plating the glass with platinum and then plating over it with gold. As a result, each bead has their own lovely  characteristics that makes even each one more unique and beautiful. Each truly hold a story of their own. These beads I have are “New Old Stock” and it amazes me when I work with them thinking that they maybe about a century old and have lasted the test of time. I fell in love the moment I discovered them; the colors and geometric shapes. It is a joy for me to bring these beads to life with my own design and have someone enjoy them the way they are meant to be.


You may gently polish the vintage beads with a soft jewelry cloth using water and a little soap to restore their brighter finish. Rubbing too hard can cause the plating to wear off thus exposing the platinum underneath. To protect the glass and gold finish of the beads do not attempt to clean them with any cleaning agent. It is best if you remove your jewelry when sleeping, bathing, swimming and washing your hands and putting them away neatly where they can not be tangled.